Who we are

Making an impact

Seroba invests in cutting-edge, life-science innovations that enhance well-being and extend health span.
Our mission
We are focused on identifying game changing technologies that can deliver our investors attractive financial returns and carry an inherent impact.

Seroba’s philosophy toward impact is focused on three themes

  1. Enhancing Human Health. Seroba invests in biotechnology, medical devices and digital health start-ups uncovering novel therapies and or technologies. We focus on opportunities that increase the efficacy of health interventions, improve health outcomes, offer solutions to diseases with limited or no current treatments and, where possible, reduce healthcare costs so that more people can access quality healthcare services.
  2. Advancing Diversity and Inclusion. Seroba actively works to increase demographic diversity within the venture capital and life sciences industries, particularly with respect to gender.
  3. Financing Innovation. Seroba is a much-needed provider of risk capital to scientist-entrepreneurs who are discovering and commercialising cutting-edge innovations we seek to catalyse follow-on financings for our portfolio companies and ameliorate the financing gap impacting small enterprises.

Working together. Making an impact.

When Seroba makes an investment in a company, we ask that each investee will, working on a best-effort basis, also agree to commit to our impact themes. Our approach builds on our adherence to Serobas Core ESG Principles, which entails;

  • Incorporating relevant ESG issues into our investment analysis and decision-making processes
  • Seeking appropriate disclosures and assurances on relevant ESG issues from the entities in which we invest and their management teams; and Being active shareholders and incorporating relevant ESG issues into our ownership policies and practices.
  • We are focused on working with our investee companies and others within the industry to advance this important agenda.

Disclosure Regulation

Integrating ESG criteria into investment strategy

By focusing primarily on life sciences and digital technologies, Seroba Lifesciences is well placed to ensure that its investments can have a positive impact on society. This objective of controlling the impact of its investments, which is the first pillar of its responsible investment approach, is reinforced by a policy of exclusion which aims, as a corollary, to increase the positive spin-offs of its investments.

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